Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you Tried...

I wanted to end my participation in National Blog Posting Month by talking about a few things I have tried. I love new things. New software, new movies, new TV shows. I am game. So here are a few things that I have tried.

Beta Software
I love being on the cutting, no I'd even say the bleeding edge of technology. Beta applications that I am using right now on a daily basis:
Firefox 3.6 Beta 4: Works great. I love the Windows 7 integration. As I recently updated to Windows 7 I am looking for any applications that take advantage of new features. (I also have this installed on my Macbook)

MS Office 2010: The upcoming version of MS Office planned for release next year, but released as a public beta November 2009. As a glutton for punishment, I of course installed it. As with Firefox 3.5b4 the Windows 7 integration is what draws me to the beta. So far not too bad. Only having problems with Adobe Acrobat integration.

Windows 7: I now have the official version of Windows 7 Pro, but I installed both the public beta and release candidate of Windows 7 Ultimate. That is what helped me to know that as soon as I could I wanted to ditch Windows Vista and upgrade to Windows 7.

Now I should say that I am STILL and will always be a Mac User. For work I am forced to use a PC and at least want something that is quasi-usable. If I could work exclusively on a Mac I would ditch Windows 7 in a heartbeat.

More to come on other New things I have tried....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

I can't believe that it's Sunday already. Thanksgiving came and went quickly this year. It was great to have everyone here. I feel the best I've felt since V day. Tammy & Ali are asleep. The boys and Selah are playing in their room. Home from church already and I can sit peacefully and relax. Thank you Sunday!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beam me up...

A friend from work went to a convention a few weeks ago in San Diego. She made us all jealous; especially me. That is so close to the old stompin' grounds of the California Carlsbad Mission (where I served as a missionary for two years). This time of year was always great like fall in Idaho, but all winter long. And of course the Pacific Ocean near by (not that I went to the ocean as a missionary, but it was still there). Anyway, she had the chance to meet a celebrity while there and she got me his autograph. None other than the original Captain Kirk himself, Will Shatner.

My uncle Danny was a huge Trekker. He loved all the incarnations of the Star Trek series and movies. He had models that he put together in his home of Klingon and Romulon Birds of Prey and of course The Enterprise. So a little of that rubbed off on me.

My brother brought over the new Star Trek movie this past week while I was recovering so we watched it one night. I love how the filmmakers have reinvented the series to bring it to a new generation. On the special features of the DVD they inter view J.J. Abrams and discuss pitching the idea to Leonard Nimoy and that getting him on board was an intricate part of the success of the film. It was great. A Christmas gift that I would not mind finding under my Christmas Tree.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wet... Orange... Blue...

Today we got wet. Gabe and I. No it wasn't black Friday shopping. We went to the Boise State/ Nevada game. It was a late game, kickoff was at 8:00 PM. Up until Friday the weather had been great. Then Friday; the rain came. Hoping that it would let up before the game was wishful thinking. We layered up from long-johns to sweats under Gabe's jeans we were ready for the weather. We even packed a few dollar store ponchos to (hopefully) keeps us dry. 

Cort picked us up and we met up Dad, Carley, & Michelle. Then we stopped off at Carls Jr. for a quick dinner before the game.  All the time hoping the rain would stop. No luck. We walked over to Bronco Stadium with about an hour to spare. Our seats were in section 125 Row CC. Back in the nosebleed section. this is similar to where we sat for years with my dad where his season tickets were when we were growing up. Then it was time to add the final weather-wear. we donned the dollar store ponchos and blankets. Then we were ready... Kick Off time!

This was Gabe's first real Boise State football game. (He had gone before but that was when we were living on campus at Boise State, so he was less than one year old.) There was a last minute cancellation and so Gabe was able to go with us, he was very happy.

The game was great. But for me the best part was spending time with Gabe. He had asked for a long time to go, so it was a great time for him. I was glad that he got to go. It was great to spend time with my number one son and to teach him a little about Boise State football and experience what I experienced with my dad growing up.  

Go Broncos!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A great Thanksgiving

30. That is how many people we had at our house for Thanksgiving dinner. We moved some furniture and brought in some tables and chairs and vuala! We had a ready made parlor for Thanksgiving dinner. Although we did have a houseful, we were smart enough to assign out the cooking assignments. So every family had a part to complete to make a great meal.

We had mashed potatoes with just the right amount of bones in it. Mom would have been proud. Tammy also made Grandma Peterson's no bake pumpkin pie. More desserts than we could finish off, including pumpkin sheet cake with maple frosting, cheesecake, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many things that I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for my family, especially my wife. She is such an inspiration to me, she does so much for our The kids are great and I love everything they teach me, I learn something new everyday.The kids are growing up so fast. They come home from school each day and amaze me with their knowledge. I am also thankful for faith. Faith helps me as a father and husband face each day knowing that my family will be safe. I love them all so much (especially my sweetheart, Tammy). Most of all I am thankful for Tammy. She is my love. My friend. Everything. It wouldn't be life without her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walk in anothers shoes...

This past day and a half  I have had the chance to walk in the shoes of another. My wife. I don't think that my procedure compared to what she has gone through having four children. But I think that recovering has given me a glimpse into what it was like for her after her experiences. It is hard not being able to do stuff for yourself. It is not fun to have to always ask someone to get things for you.

Tammy has been great. She is so patient and kind. Anything I have needed she has been willing to do.I Really appreciate her. She has made sure that the kids are careful around me and not jumping on me. I hope that I have been as good to her over the years as she has been to me.

I love you honey! Thanks for all you  do!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

V Day....

This is my view for the next few days. Feet up, pajamas, and frozen peas. Today was V Day. I was off work for a procedure that I had scheduled since the beginning of November. I'll be off Wednesday as well. Then we have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. That should give me plenty of time to rest and recuperate. Through work I have pretty good insurance and so for the V procedure it was the cost of an office visit, the $20 co-pay. A lot better than what it would have been for Tammy to have a procedure done. 

I thought the 30 Rock episode from last week was pretty timely with Jack and Tracy contemplating the same procedure that I had this morning.  

I love my family and I love my wonderful wife, Tammy. She is taking such good care of me. I don't get sick or have medical procedures too often, so I am not used to being waited on this way. But when I get and move, I understand why the Dr prescribed little movement and ice for a day or so.

Thanks Tammy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Tradition Continues...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to continue a tradition that we have had in the Peterson household for a long time. Cort & I helped my Dad put up Christmas lights. It's a few days earlier than we have done it in the past, but it was fun. Cort, the climber he is; was on the roof. I verified function and then handed strings of lights to him. This year Dad is going with Greed and Red bulbs. We didn't get out any of the lawn decorations, yet. Dad can do most of them on his own.You can read more about the tradition here

This coming week is Thanksgiving and one thing that I am thankful for is traditions. It's great that there are traditions that we can have with our families. Where the memories flood back of years past and you all can share in the feelings that were shared.

Here's to Traditions!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Broncos with the Baby!

Just a quick update from last night. The BRONCOS WON!!! (like there was too much doubt) But the best part is that Dad (that's me) was able to take care of all four kids by himself! I have to admit I was pretty proud. Especially getting Ali to sleep a little during the Boise State game. (I will say that for about 1/3 of the game I was holding her while standing up in front of the TV). It was fun. I love being a Dad. I have great kids. They helped me so much making sure that Ali was OK and when I needed anything they were quick to get it! I also have a wonderful wife that had a lot to do with me having four great kids.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Freakin' Fast Friday...

I woke up this morning at 5:20 AM and was on the road by 6:00 AM. On my way to Twin Falls for work. As I have said before I love being up that early to see the sunrise. Something else was out early this morning... The Wind. It was very windy on my way down to Twin Falls. As it turns out I was driving INTO the wind the entire trip there. That would explain why my mileage was much worse than normal for a trip to Twin Falls. 

I finished with class at 3:00 PM, with one thought in my mind... Getting home! Tonight I get to spend the evening with all four kids. Tammy is going out on a girls night to watch "New Moon". She and her friends have read all the books and have been waiting since the announcement of the film to see it. I don't feel left out. I have something else tonight that I am looking forward to...

Tonight is Boise State vs. Utah State on ESPN2. I am sure there were a lot of Boise State fans driving down to Logan, UT for the game. I am not one of them. I will be watching it from the comfort of my own family room. I can tell you the State Police expected a lot of Boise State fans to make the trek... they were out in force when I was driving home. I guess they are trying to make up the budget deficit they are going to have. 

Well off to watch the game... thank goodness for DVRs.  GO Broncos!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Store Opening...

With the release of Windows 7 Microsoft has also opened some retail stores.... See for yourself!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GIS Day. Yipee!!!

Today I had the chance to represent my office at a trade show of sorts. Today is GIS Day and Emmett High School held a GIS Open house for the science students. Working with the MLS we use mapping for property searches and so that is what I presented on. I presented in front of the group for about fifteen minutes and then the student broke into small groups and visited the various booths. I had a booth where I set up a laptop so that the students could see how the mapping in our MLS system worked in Emmett. They seemed to like it. I had to remember what it was like to be in high school. We did about anything to get out of class. So there were some kids totally tuned out. But some did not even know what the MLS was; let alone that their parents probably worked with a Realtor who used it.

I had not been in a high school for that long since I student taught in 2000. It was a fun time. Do I wish I was teaching, today? Naw... I enjoy the work I do and the chance I have to get out and visit different parts of the state and work with so many different people.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Geology Rocks!

When I was in college I took a geology class. This was in Eastern Idaho where there is some interesting geology to be had. There are the Menan Buttes (which really are not buttes at all but tuff cones), a fault line that goes right under the gymnasium. This past week at the Boise State Vs. Idaho football game Boise State students recorder seismic information throughout the game.

Heavy seismic activity at BSU - UI game

by Nishi Gupta
Idaho's NewsChannel 7
Posted on November 16, 2009 at 10:42 PM
Updated today at 5:06 AM

BOISE -- Scientists say the Boise State University faithful literally rocked Bronco stadium Saturday during the BSU-UI game. A group of BSU students recorded seismic activity underneath the stadium for a project.

The preliminary results for the first half hour of the game are in. The most ground shaking happened during touchdowns, but it was even louder during turnovers. Fans around the stadium got on their feet at the same time causing the meters to spike.

"A turnover is unexpected and it's an abrupt event that happens unlike sometimes a touchdown you know the teams can be
kind of moving down the field and it becomes inevitable that they'll get a touchdown so the crowd reaction appears to
be strongest during turnovers. That's what we're finding", BSU Geosciences professor Matt Haney said.

Haney says the Vandal touchdown in the first quarter barely registered.
(emphasis added)

Monday, November 16, 2009


When was the last time that you were at the library? I will admit that there was a long dry spell where I had not visited a public library. Thankfully that time has ended. What really made it end was that our kids are getting old enough to read and the library is a great resource for reader of all levels (of COURSE!). Growing up I had frequented the library with my brother as we looked for books to read. Now though the library has many more sources of media, apart from books that they loan out. Now you can check out movies on DVD, even TV series are available  on DVD, CDs are plentiful; but the funnest part for the Peterson household.... they have video games! Yes instead of fighting the crowds at Walmart to purchase a game and then have it fall out favor with the kids within a few weeks; we can check out a game a try it out for a week. If the kids like the game then we can put it on reserve and check it out when next available. Right now, in fact we have Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at our house.

Now don't get me wrong I love to Wii it with the best of them, but for me the library has been great because I can check out CDs from my favorite artists and listen to something that I might not have listened to in in years or have an opportunity to listen to new music without buyers remorse.

I love the fact that I can browse the library from my Mac and then as I find things I like I can add them to my queue and one they are available then I get an email notifying me that I have something waiting for me at the library.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun times at the Boise State Idaho Game

We went to the Boise State Vs. Idaho game this past Saturday. We went with Dad, Denise, Cort, and Emily. We took Ali with us too. Only Gabe and Ali have attended Boise State games. Gabe when while I was still attending Boise State and we lived on campus. It wasn't too cold, but we bundled Ali up just in case. It was another win for the Broncos (of course!).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gotta get it in....

I need to mention that even though I was unable to attend the Ignite Boise event that I did follow the stream from the Arbiter and it was a pretty cool event. Since then I have been researching other Ignite events throughout the web. Some have archived footage and I have watched some of the presentations and they are right on par with what was offered in Boise. Here are a couple that I looked at, Ignite Bend & Ignite Seattle. It looks like something that would be exciting to attend once the baby is mom independent and can be left with a sitter.

There is another Ignite Boise event happening April 22,2010. Looks to be a good time!

What is Ignite Boise? Click here for the answer

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Week Has Arrived! The Boise State Vs. Idaho football game!

This is the week of the game that saves the career of many a football coach, Rivalry Week! Boise State plays Idaho this week and last I checked Boise State was 31 point favorites. So I am not sure if you can call that a rivalry or not. There has been a lot of talk this week in the media from both Vandal and Bronco fans. But the funniest bit of press that I have seen this week has to do with the University of Idaho Athletic Director refusing to ride on a Horizon Air plane from Moscow to Boise because the plane was painted Orange and Blue for Boise State. He decided to waste money and drive to Spokane and then catch a flight to Boise. What a dope! Good thing Horizon Air listens to whining and took care of the Vandals.

Go Broncos!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

CD... Ever bought one of those?

Remember CDs? In this day of digital downloads and iTunes and Amazon MP3 it can be hard to remember the time when if you liked an artist you bought their CD put it in your car CD player or took it home and listened to it. There would be some songs you had heard before on the radio, others you liked instantly and still other songs that you weren't crazy about. But over time many of these songs would grow on you and you liked them. What about song order? There was a time when songs were put on an album in a certain order for a reason. One track flowed into the other sometimes seamlessly. You did not know where one ended and the other began.

As I was driving the other day I thought of this and how there are many songs that I don't listen to as much as I used to because the shuffle of my iPod or iTunes does not get to them often enough. So I have started listening to albums from start to finish, the way the artist intended. I listened to "The Joshua Tree" by U2 from track 1 to 11 and it was as good as I remembered it.

Apple has tried to rekindle this a little with a new feature in iTunes called iTunes LP. I know that I have ripped nearly all of my CDs into iTunes and that those lost tracks are there waiting for me to listen again. I am going to take the time to do what I used to do and listed to CD, whether in iTunes or my CD player.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Wall Came Down...

I have read a lot and seen a lot this past week about the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall. There have been NPR radio accounts, Brian Williams sharing his memories, even The Daily Show took a stab at it. So I thought I would reflect on where I was twenty years ago when the wall came down.

November 1989 I was a sophomore at Nampa High School. I was playing trombone in the marching band and the jazz band. I had just convinced my parents to help me purchase a Bach model 36b Trombone. I told them that it would pay for itself as I would get a scholarship for college (which I did). I was working on weekends for my Uncle in his band instrument repair shop, while getting an education on jazz music and the finer points of jazz/fusion. (Uncle Danny really like jazz fusion and passed on a little bit of that to me). I was trying to stay afloat in all my classes, including Spanish 1; my Dad was the teacher (I had to do a lot of extra credit to not drop below a 'C' in that class).

I was trying to figure out who I was. What I liked and did not like. What I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go. After all I was only 15. I was not glued to the TV coverage of the wall coming down, but I do remember when it happened, that in social studies they moved in a TV so that we could watch the live TV coverage.

A lot has happened in the 20 years since then for ALL of US.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Early Morning...

5:20 AM the alarm went off, or did it? I thought I had set it to wake me. Maybe I turned it off in the night, that's not a good thing. I'm not sure what happened, but I woke up on time at least. I was out the door before 6:00 AM on my way across western Idaho to Twin Falls. I have mentioned this before, a couple times a month I get to load up ten notebook computers, a projector and some handouts and travel to Twin Falls to hold classes for the MLS. Today was particularly dark when I left as it was the first time I had traveled there since the end of daylight savings time. The sunrise was brilliant on such a clear morning. The yellow-orange sky peering out of the darkness of the sleepy night. A stark contrast to the darkness of the last time I made this trip. It was so dark last time that even game trying to cross the interstate was hard to see. So hard, in fact that the GMC truck in front of me hit a deer and I drove over it. Not to worry, I am fine, car is OK (had to replace a couple turn signal lights), the trucks occupants were OK. I can't say the same for the deer. So this mornings peaceful drive was a welcome event.

One of the many things that I love about my job is that I get travel around this great state that I love. I love to see the changes of season. What a great place to live and to raise a family.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Did you know...

Here is an interesting video that shows how quickly things change. Remember; change is good. With a new baby.. CHANGE IS GOOD! No matter who's turn it is to take out the diapers.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Afternoon... Thoughts

Here it is one week into November 2009. Ali is 1.5 months old.

Today we had stake conference and we now have a new Stake President. President Hughes had been around for along time (10 years). That is the way of Stake President callings one decade and you're done. The interesting thing here is that President Hughes has been around for our family for a long time. He was the Bishop of the ward i lived in when Tammy and I married. After being married six months we moved in to the little green house and he was OUR bishop. Then a few years later when mom died he was Stake President. He and Bishop Blacker helped us through that. Then a few years later back in the Nampa West Stake and I am called into the Elders Quorum Presidency, then EQ President with President Hughes as our Stake President. Much has happened during his term of service.

I'm not 25 anymore. I am a father of four. Been married for over 12 years. I have a wonderful wife that IS my best friend. We've been through much together. I would have not wanted it any other way. Not sure I'd have made it through any of it if I would have been alone. I know I wouldn't have.

I didn't intend this to be so sentimental, guess that's just where the muse took me today. See you on Monday!

This is for the kids

" I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to all Autobots taking refuge among the stars: We are here, we are waiting."

Saturday, November 07, 2009

* * Featured Columnist Boise State Attacked For Soft Schedule: But No BCS Teams Will Play Them

Here's the full post that I referenced yesterday. It's a good read!

Boise State Attacked For Soft Schedule: But No BCS Teams Will Play Them
by Lace Banachek

Written on November 04, 2009

Year after year, BCS fans rip the Broncos for continuing to play a marshmallow field and even the BCS uses the Broncos soft schedule as a reason to deny them a BCS bowl even when they are undefeated.

Last season the Broncos (12-0) were passed over for the BCS bowls and allowed teams to enter with inferior win-loss records.

Boise State has set out to accommodate the BCS, but no one wants to play them, except Oregon State. Sure Oregon State and Virginia Tech agreed to play Boise State next season (2010), but the Broncos have one road game yet to fill their 2011 schedule and according to WAC commissioner Karl Benson who spoke with the Idaho Statesman, the Broncos are struggling to schedule.

The Statesman reported the Broncos cannot get “a BCS-conference opponent for 2011—even with the help (and exposure and money) of ESPN behind the effort. The Broncos are not asking for a return game in Boise.”

The amount of teams that have said no to the Broncos is roughly 10.

Its not like the Broncos are asking teams for a one-and-one. The opposition never has to step foot on the “Blue Turf” that seems to be a sore spot across the country. Playing the Broncos offers ESPN incentives as well.

So what is on the table for the BCS opponent? The BCS team gets to stay at home (if they choose), they will be compensated, and they get to show their prowess over the lowly WAC one more time.

Sounds like a schedule made in heaven for any BCS team?

Apparently not! What is the key to this schedule problem is the BCS opposition does not want to lose, and they do not want to explain to their fans and conference playmates that the Broncos gave them a beat down.

Well here is the opening for Bronco haters to bring up the past and the many Broncos loses (by less than a touchdown) from the mighty BCS. Albeit that was then, come on BCS step up, show your footballs to Boise State and get 2011 set!

However, should there be none (mighty BCS teams) willing, than when it comes time for the Broncos to bring their undefeated schedule to the Bowls, do not use the excuse that Boise States record is to soft, it is only soft because no BCS teams will play.

The Broncos and their fans are looking forward to the scheduling of that final 2011 game. Benson said the WAC is hiring a firm to help promote that game. It’s kind of like the Broncos are paying somebody, anybody to play them and still no one wants too.

That’s another story—go Broncos

Friday, November 06, 2009

Boise State's Problem

Boise State Football has been pretty successful over the past decade or so. With success can come growing pains and other problems. Well it seems that Boise State's problem is that they are too good. Not too good for the poll voter types out there (Mike Prater), but too good for the big bad baby bcs teams. NO ONE wants to play Boise State. Need proof?

According to the WAC commissioner Karl Benson; with the help of ESPN Boise State offered to no less than TEN elite programs to come and play without requiring a home game in Boise. But NO school took them up on the offer. What a messed up world NCAA football is. On one hand you have the computers, critics and other schools degrading Boise State for not having a tough enough schedule and at the same time when Boise State offers to play the "tough" teams to beef up their schedule they're turned down.

So BCS teams, Cowboy Up! The Broncos are HERE, they're REAL and READY TO STOMP YA'LL!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

TMI... Really

Do you Tweet? What about facebook? Updating your status every hour? Now some people would say that I update my facebook status too much. But I really don't. Maybe once a week... When I have something I think is interesting to say or share. If I have a quick thought or sharp comment I tweet as well. But what I do not do is fb/tweet every second of my day. 

People do not need to know when I am getting up for lunch. Or when I take a potty break! Or that I am stuck in traffic (might as well ask to get a ticket for 'texting while driving' if you advertise that you are stuck in traffic). I like getting bits of insight from others via twitter, or interesting ideas that someone might have. But I don't pay attention (or follow) the people who give TMI. 

Now you might be thinking that it's a pretty arbitrary distinction that I am making and that what I consider TMI others may not think it is too much. That is True. I choose not to follow those types and don't pretend to be one. Use it for what YOU want to use it for, but don't get upset or freak out when you're un-friended or a follower stops following you. Life goes on. Don't fb/tweet your crying for all the world to see.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Boise State Football...About time!

Boise State Football. We're halfway through the season and I have not blogged too much about Boise State Football, yet. That will change. As the season continues and Boise State wins, they will be part of the BCS post-season talk. As they should be. They are currently BCS: #7 AP: #5 Coaches: #5 There are seven undefeated Div I college football teams including Boise State. So to those who don't think that Boise State belongs in the conversation for post season BCS play; I have one thing to say: Boise State BEAT Oregon. The Broncos wiped the floor with Oregon; Oregon went home and cried big crocodile tears to their mommies! So when Oregon wipes the floor with their PAC-10 opponents, Boise State OWNS them. Boise State OWNS Oregon. ERGO Boise State OWNS all those who Oregon has trampled. Purdue, Utah, Cal,Washington State, UCLA, Washington, and USC; Boise State was the biggest fish who ate the fish that chomped you!

"Boise State is the best team in college football and it should be the Broncos in the BCS National Championship game.

Every time Boise State gets a chance to show what it’s made of, it does. Boise State is a team that hammered Oregon, which hammered USC mightily. Boise State would do the same to USC whether it’s on the blue turf in Boise or in Los Angeles." - Scott Hansen


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Walk a mile in their shoes....

Here is an interesting story from the LA Times with connection to Idaho. Makes you wonder if everyone had to deal with the hoops this couple had to jump through if it might be more simplified.

Walking a mile in an immigrant's moccasins
Ben Reed was once a conservative shock jock in his native Idaho. But meeting and falling in love with a Mexican national brought about a change in philosophy. They now live in Mexico.

Hector Tobar

9:16 PM PST, November 2, 2009

The wedding was all set. The bride would travel from Mexico City to Rexburg, Idaho, where she would walk down the aisle of the Mormon temple in her white dress. She would marry that crazy guy from the radio who had been courting her.

Then it all fell apart, here in Los Angeles, in the bowels of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Full House...

Have you ever had a full house before? I mean a FULL house, not just a room full; a house full. On November 1st, we brought baby Ali to church for her blessing. So Sunday night we had friends and family over for dinner and desert. It was a lot of fun to socialize, share good company and good food. Back to the full house part...

There were 
23 kids and 23 adults 

in our house.

Thanks to all those who came over.
Pretty full. But it was fun.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nat'l Blog Posting Month....

National Blog Posting Month... what does that mean? It means committing anew to porting new ad exciting tidbits for all of you to read. Everyday for a month. I have to say that I live a pretty interesting life, so it should be easy to fill a months worth of posts. From blessing a baby, a houseful of guests, a plumbing disaster to Boise State Football. This will be the month like no other (re: blog posts I mean).