Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pocatello Adventures

Whew! School starts and things can finally slow down and look back at what has gone on...

In August we went to Pocatello for a Marshall reunion. It was great to see the cousins on the Marshall side of the family. We stayed with Tammy's uncle Bob. On the way down Gabe said that we weren't camping or hoteling, we were Bobbing!

Bob and his wife Janet live just down from Alameda Park in Pocatello, so one evening we took the kids down to play. They had a lot of fun (as you can tell).

(Oh yeah... Ali is walking!)

We also hit some Vintage Pocatello hangouts. While driving around with the kids (showing them Tammy's old stomping grounds) we stopped by the Ross Park Drive-In and got Taco Spaghetti. It was Yu-MMY! (So much that Tammy recreated the recipe last Friday night!) On Saturday we went to Tastee-treet and got a space-burger!  
We had family and culinary fun!

Friday, August 13, 2010

iPhone envy? I EVO (I don't know)

EVO. Have you heard of it? It is the latest and greatest phone from Sprint. I just got one through work. Didn't he have an iPhone? Yes, I did. But Having an iPhone and an EVO didn't make too much sense. So I don't have an iPhone any more. Tammy has an iPhone and I have the EVO. What are my impressions. I have been using the EVO exclusively for a little over a week and I had the iPhone for almost nine months. So there are some things that were second nature on the iPhone that I am still learning on the EVO.


  • Carrier- EVO is Sprint- iPhone is AT&T: AT&T calls were clearer- Sprint has 4G in Boise. Getting used to Sprint
  • Media- iTunes doesn't really work with the EVO. I did find a way to sync a playlist and then get the songs over to the SD card. I can use any song as a ringtone on the EVO, a lot easier than on the iPhone. 
  • Google Integration- EVO runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) and as Android is Google things are tight, Gmail contacts almost instant updating. iPhone wasn't as consistent. 
  • Battery- iPhone battery was not the best, but it lasts longer than EVO. I have to remember to shut stuff off on EVO as to not drain the battery too soon. Hopefully with updates the battery life will improve.

Overall- I am getting to like EVO. iPhone and iTunes App store integration is great and hopefully the Android Marketplace will be comparable soon. But as a phone and internet device it works pretty good. As time goes on I am sure that I'll like it more. I just have to learn it- more of which I do each day I use EVO.

So if you are on Sprint EVO is a good choice.
My EVO. 

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yep that last post was post 450. Hard to believe. I sure have said a lot. My wife tells me that I talk too much! Well I am still not done. There is more to come about my life, family, friends, technology and much, much more. Here's to 450 more! 

One more thing...

One more thing that came up when we were swimming...

My Dad told us about an indecent that happened at my grandmas house. There was a man that took down the for sale sign and pulled out a patio chair and was sitting in the driveway telling the neighbors that he had purchased the home. The manager of the community called the listing agent wondering what had happened and why she had not been notified of the house selling- why was she left out of the loop! The listing agent was just as confused as everyone, because she did not remember selling the house. She was sure she would not have missed that detail! Then after some investigation- turns out it was a transient person 'pretending' that they bought the home. 

That man is gone, the sign is back out- all is well. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swimming... Fun!

Grandma Peterson passed away in 2008. Since then her house has been for sale. A long time, right. I think so at least (and I work in the Real Estate Industry). Anyway, her house is located in an over 55 community where you lease the land your home is on. So there is HOA fee that my dad is paying every month, as he now owns her house. In her community they have a pool.

When Grandma was alive we would go swimming in the pool and she would meet us there and come down and talk to us while we swam. Now that Dad has the house we just swim whenever we can get together.

It's fun to swim in a private pool, where only residents or guests are allowed. The only caveat is that no 'diaper-aged' children are allowed. (They don't have problems with diaper-aged adults though). So that can sometimes be tricky, but we usually work out something.

This summer we have gone a few times. One time we took Tammy's dad and one of the community residents came in and started talking to him trying to see what part of the community that he lived in and getting other details, then he told her that he was with us. She had met us previously.

As long as you have a place to keep wet- that's all that matters. Enjoy Summer!