Friday, June 22, 2007


I just saw this and had to share. You would think that a new organization would have people that check grammar and spelling. Ever heard of an ax? Me neither, I have heard of an axe. I think that is what they meant.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sopranos...Boise State

The Sopranos recently had their series finale and there were many who thought the final scene was anti climatic. I am not a Sopranos watcher so all I have seen of the finale is what has been on the news. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton recently were in a spoof of that final scene and now another has been created by a Canadian fan of the one of the greatest college football games in recent history. I thought I would share the Broncos (at least we know how it ends).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why I like Simon Cowell...You have to see this!!!

Saw this on Youtube and had to share. Wait for Simon's comments at the end. This guy sells cell phones...

Fiesta Bowl Article

Just when you thought that it was time to move on from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, another article comes out. Pat Forde writes about the press box during the "greatest game ever played". I thought I would add this to the list of other articles that I found about Boise State and their Fiesta Bowl Win. Here the link to a PDF of the article.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am a Firefox devotee. For the past few years I have used many incarnations of it including Mozilla, Netscape, and Camino. I am currently using it right now to write this entry. Camino 1.5 was recently released and I am trying it out. I write this to say that you should be open to new ideas and options. Because just because something came with your computer or everyone is using something is not a good enough reason to use it also. Take the time to find what works best for you.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Memories of Dad...

I saw something today that made me think of my dad. He has a picture that has always hung in his bedroom. It is from when he was in college. I remember looking at that picture and wondering what it meant. It had a statement on it and I know that I asked him many, many times what it was about. It was about the Boise State Broncos going to play an in-state rival and to stomp them, again. I am not sure if that is when I became a Bronco Fan, but I will always remember that photo on my dad' s wall and how the Broncos went "to the potato cellar to make 3 in a row"!

NCAA Football 2008 Promo...Bronco Style

There is a new promo for EA Sports NCAA Football 2008 promo. Featuring the Fiesta Bowl Champion Broncos. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It is funny when your mind wanders. Today I have been thinking a lot about when I was a missionary for my church. I served as a Spanish-speaking missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the California Carlsbad Mission. I served from July 1993 to July 1995. The mission covers Northern San Diego County and Southern Orange County, Encinitas in the south to Irvine in the north. I served in the following areas Oceanside, Fallbrook, Escondido, Ramona, Oceanside, Vista, San Jaun Capostrano, Mission Viejo. I served with 10 different companions, Elders Duncan/Ottley/Curritt/Ibanez/Cook/Wyman/Nelson/
I have many pictures from that time that I think I want to scan so that I have them digitally preserved. We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Political Quiz...

I took this political quiz it is short and sweet. My results make me a Centrist, which I could have guessed. I feel that people should be held responsible for what they do or influence. This comes from the reality that we (all people) were given free agency from a Divine Creator. This means that we responsible for what we (or our influence) does. There will be a time when I will write more about this. Just a note: this means that people should have the right to own/do whatever they want and then be held responsible for the outcomes.
Here are my results:

CENTRISTS espouse a "middle ground" regarding government

control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on

the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention

and sometimes support individual freedom of choice.

Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind,

tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what

they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.