Friday, August 19, 2005

Almost one month old...

Almost one month old and Reece is doing great. Mom has almost recovered 100% (she had a bought with mastitis, but is doing well). The whole family is adjusting to the new family member. The two older kids have the hardest time since they can no longer get into mom and dad’s bed when they wake up scared during the night. There is not enough room for five people. Last night we spent from 4:30 a.m. until 4:50 a.m. getting them to go back to their bed. It took both of us to get them to stay, but then they stayed until almost eight o’clock. Reece is a cute baby and so far he has much in common with his older brother, Gabriel. When Gabe was a baby I could put him on my shoulder and get him to fall asleep pretty easily and with Reece so far it is about the same. It is nice to be able to have this type of connection with a child. With Selah she would not sleep that way and I missed that she never cuddled with me. It is almost like it is my opportunity to bond in a similar way to how my wife does when she nurses the kids, they are clutching on to me for safety and security.

Being a Dad is great! I love playing with my kids!