Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fall is here Finally...Boise State

Fall is here. Finally, it is nice to be able to wear jeans and not sweat to death the minute I go outside. I enjoy driving with the window open and being able to keep cool. I like knowing that on a Saturday morning I can wake up and KNOW that there will be college football on T.V. and that there is good chance that the Boise State Broncos will be playing.

Gabe & Selah are funny…they have turned into Boise State fans. I have been a Boise State fan for my entire life. My father started getting football season tickets before I could talk. So I have been going for many years. When my brother and I were young my dad would carry him into the stadium so that the three of us could sit in his two seats. My mom would make us hot dogs and we would take them wrapped in aluminum foil for our dinner and eat them up in his seats (he had seats two rows from the top-total nosebleed). We had fun going to those games, so much so that as teenagers we went and sat in the end zone seats for games and then visited our Dad in his seats. By then he was sitting there with his friend B.M. eating peanuts and requesting that we go down and round up some pop for them. Fun times. Back to Gabe & Selah. Two years ago we went to an NAIA basketball game and to get the kids excited I showed them an animation from the BroncoSports.com website that showed a bronco galloping across the screen while the fight song played in the background. So now whenever the kids see Boise State apparel or other logo items then shout “Go Orange, Go Big Blue Fight, Fight, BSU”. And whenever there is a game on Gabe will ask if his favorite player Gabe Franklin is playing, although Gabe Franklin does not play on the team anymore. But Gabe and Selah love to wear Orange and Blue.

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