Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Life is what happens when your busy making other plans...

It is not fun when you plan out your day and then at the last moment people cancel the plans that you had and you have to find another way to fill the time. That happened to me today. I got to work and an appointment canceled, so I took the ultimate Star Wars Personality Test. You can see the results at the end of this post.

Life is good. The Wife is about six weeks out from having baby number three. We already have a name for him, Reece Christopher. The other two kids are excited for the new arrival, I think that they will be disappointed that he won't be able to play with them for a few months.

I am almost done with the rototilling, 2/3 of the backyard completed. Waiting for
Digline to identify utility lines before I complete the project. Then on the weekend of July 2-4 we are going to install the sprinklers (at least the pipe). After success with that then the grass planting will commence. I am hopeful that by August we can have some sort of lawn, then the kids will not have to play in the dirt.

Here are the Star Wars Personality test results.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Rototiller... Weapon of choice!

Another Friday come and gone. The weeks go by so fast. I have been working on our backyard this past week and will continue through the weekend. I have tilled about 1/3 of the yard and hope to finish on Saturday. We received some rain and this will help the process. The kids love watching me start the roto-tiller, but then are not too eager to stay around with the noise and dust. Over the past week and a half both kids have been sick, not too fun for Mom and Dad either.

The house behind us is making progress. We hope that someone buys it and they are eager to put up the fence so that we can get some part of a fence up. There has been much in the media about buying and selling real estate. Here is an article on CNN that has pretty good advice for buying your dream house.

This weekend is Father's Day (#4 for me) both our Dads are coming over for a delicious enchilada dinner. For now I am off to roto-till until the cows come home (or at least my kids).

Monday, June 06, 2005

They Did It!!!!

A little off the topic of late, but they did it. Apple Computer announced that they will be switching from IBM/ Motorola to chips by intel. This has caused a shock through the Mac world. Some are predicting problems, while others are more optimistic. I believe that this will be a great benefit to Apple and the Mac OS as a platform. It will keep the hardware improving as the OS improves and Apple will still use the proprietary hardware solution they use now, meaning that you would not be able to purchase a Dell (for shame) and install Mac OS X on it. Apple will not have to wait any longer for IBM to get it's act together and improve yields on high performance processors. I am not in the market for a new Mac today, but I looking forward to the possibilities that this affords to Apple and the Mac community.