Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Family Pictures...in the bush

We took some family pictures the other night and these are the results. It was for an upcoming family reunion later in the month. We went to a greenbelt/ walking path near our home. We had great-grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins.

And here is Gabe after a haircut.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Which Pole are you from?

Polarization…“The process by which the public opinion divides and goes to the extremes” (Wikipedia). This is a huge problem in American Society. If you don’t believe that it is, think of how many times in the past few years that different states have been classified and either red or blue. This portrayal of ideals from the media and government that you are either “with us or against us” gives the perception that there is only extreme ways to think. I was watching the “Today Show” this morning and they had a person on promoting a book and the purpose of this book was to promote one way of thinking, while condemning the opposing view. Not trying to promote a line of thinking on its merits solely, but at the expense of the other. How does that help to bring a solution to any situation?

What happened to compromise? What happened to looking at the information and then together finding the appropriate solution, not attacking the other person until somebody gives in? That would be an awful way to have a marriage or any relationship; they would be over before they grew to anything worth value. Seeing in black and white values would make life very difficult. You could never accept less than perfect. Imagine if the father of the prodigal son was that way, the son could have never returned. I am sure glad that things are not really that way. People actually have the opportunity to change and make their lives better.

The person on the “Today Show” was promoting a book, so they were there for one reason; money. There are people that make their living polarizing people. There are people who get elected using fear to polarize people. This is both on the liberal and conservative and in-between sides. I don’t believe that people are only red OR blue; I think there are quite a few shades of purple out there.