Thursday, July 13, 2006



So I am sort of a sci-fi show person. I like some TV and movies of that genre, I am by no means an expert or addict. Except for a few things. Right now it is Alias. I know you’re thinking “Wasn’t that show cancelled since Ben Affleck’s wife had her baby?” The answer is YES. Alias had its series finale on May 22, 2006 after a five year run. I didn’t start watching Alias until near the end of season one, but after that my wife and I were hooked. We made sure that if we weren’t going to be home to watch then we had a way to record it. This past year TNT started running reruns of Alias, I made a point to set the DVR to record when it came on so I could enjoy my favorite episodes again. My wife went along the first time TNT went through all the episodes, but when they started again, she wasn’t too interested. So I watch them now when I have time, making sure that I don’t fill up the DVR.
At times, I wonder why I like it so much. I think that it has to do with the relationship dynamics as they are presented in the show. Sydney and her father Jack, his limited disclosures and deception all in the best interest of his daughter. Sydney, having to deceive her friends about her actual profession (they thought she worked at a bank, not for the CIA or SD-6). Irina Derevko (aka Laura Bristow) her initial deception to Jack and also her limited disclosure to Sydney and Jack years later. This family dynamic is very interesting. There is also the intrigue; I always liked that suspense that comes before the ultimate resolution (see The Hunt for Red October). As long as TNT or some station shows the reruns I will be on the lookout for Alias and while watching the episodes perusing the episode guide to see what will happen next.