Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There are a few things that I listen to in my car as I commute to work and home each day. My iPod. Over 4500 songs never gets old and I always hear something I like. Idaho Sports Talk. Sports talk radio for the drive home. I can't get enough of the Broncos. NPR, KBSX 91.5. I started listening to NPR in high school. I would tune it in on my Walkman in sophomore English class while I was "reading". Now I listen while I drive. You can always hear new and interesting stories on NPR. Well this past week I heard a story that I wanted to share about a piano player Eric Lewis.

Here is the story:

Here is a video of him playing

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First of the Summer.... Island Park

Summer is here... How do I know? All the vacationing, duh! We had our first vacation of the summer this past week. We traveled with three other families from Nampa to Island Park ID.

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It was a fun time. We left on Wednesday and returned on Sunday evening. Since there were four families traveling together we traveled in convoy across the state. Each family was issued a walkie-talkie so that we would be able to communicate. (Now I know you're thinking "Don't they have cell phones?" Yes we do, but the walkies were much more fun). The drive is long (according to google maps over 6 hours) but that would be without kids and small bladders. So we had a couple of stops in between. The first was in Jerome for an automobile issue that was quickly resolved and of course "Happy Hour" at Sonic! Then it was back on the road through Pocatello until we reached Shelley. The family's whose cabin we were traveling to hails from Shelley so we had to stop and tour. It was a four car parade through the streets of Shelley from a Grandma's house, past a homestead (where it all began) to a sisters house happy to wave us all on. It was fun to see where the W@@@@t's came from. Next stop dinner!

Dinner was in Ashton. This is where DL spent some of her time growing up. We stopped at Big Juds~ home of the 1lb "Big Jud".

We overwhelmed our waitress. I don't think that she was expecting 21 people on a Wednesday night (let alone her 'normal' customers). Once we got the food it was great. Our family shared a "Big Jud", some people thought they'd conquer their own.

After finishing our homemade french fries it was off to Island Park.

We arrived after about nine hours that includes all the stops that were made. We were greeted by happy hosts, the W%%%%ts. After unpacking the adults sat down to relax while the kids acclimated to the basement and their sleeping arrangements for the next four nights.
Thursday was a relaxing day filled with ATV rides, Yahtzee games, and feeding the animals.

Friday was our day to go to Yellowstone National Park. This was our family's second trip, so we knew what to expect.

Island Park Camping trip 2006

Island Park 2009

It was fun to see the beauty of nature and what the unspoiled landscape looks like. We drove through the park and made our way to Old Faithful and joined the crowd of onlookers waiting for the moment that we would all be thrilled.

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The kids by the Hot Pots

Island Park Camping 2006 (This was then)

Island Park 2009 (This is Now)

It tried to rain on us while we ate our lunch in the woods. But we persevered like the pioneers of old.

Saturday was a little more rainy than Thursday had been, but we still had fun. We (the dads) took ALL the kids fishing on the Henry's fork of the Snake river. They enjoyed it, the rain helped convince the kids that a warm car with a DVD playing is better than a rainy shore casting in line. The Dads didn't agree. After bringing back the kids the four dads and our host Bill W%%%%T took us out on Henry's Lake in his boat. We had good ol' time. Fishing in the lake, un-snagging our lines, and grilling brats! Then the weather turned a little nasty and the whitecaps told us it was time to head home.

That night we played many rounds of Texas Hold'em and talked late into the night.

Sunday was woke up to a surprise. Over an inch of snow on the ground. This is not unheard of in Island Park, but it didn't make loading the cars any easier.

After breakfast we loaded up, said 'Goodbye' to our hosts and started the convoy home.

Someone noted that on the way home we drove by all four Temples in Idaho; Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Boise. What a way to spend a Sunday.

We had a great trip and are already talking about next year. Thanks E,P,& W.
See you Next year G & M.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tonight's the "Tonight..."

Well it's here. A day that has taken thirteen years to arrive. Conan O'Brien will host The Tonight Show, tonight. Conan has been around for a while, from the SNL to The Simpsons to Late Night. I have always liked the quirkiness that he brings to his show. He seems like someone I would want to hang out with. I would to hear the stories and life experience he would share. He is a solid host, very funny and not easily flustered. And now he has the biggest flamethrower in the world to spew his comedy genius on us all. You better get ready... Or they might send Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog to get you and...well, "Poop on" you!

The following clip is from a few years back wen Conan went to visit his ancestral homeland, Ireland.

Good Luck Conan!

Here is a clip with Jay Leno on Jay's last night...