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Thursday, November 22, 2007


To be Thankful… What does it mean to be thankful? For me looking at all of the blessings that I have in my life and how I am undeserving of them. I have a wonderful wife who loves and supports me. She does a wonderful job raising our kids and she teaches them so much. She is my biggest fan and gives eerily accurate criticism. She is so beautiful and talented. I truly “married up”. She is my partner and friend. I have three great children that I love to play with. I can’t think of a better feeling then returning home after work and seeing them run out the front door to meet me as I pull into the driveway. They always have so many things to say and questions to ask and I am their expert. I am thankful for the chances that I get to steal away with each child and spend alone time with them. Last Sunday my oldest son and I climbed under a blanket and watched a movie while the rest of the family enjoyed a Sunday nap. Then after our daughter woke up, she, my son and I worked on cleaning up the house and we wrestled a bit (more like they climb on me and I let them). I treasure this time with them while they are small. I know it won’t last. I have a wonderful life and a beautiful family. I am extremely blessed.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Flip Flop...Lollipop

There are many people who "flip flop" on issues, they say one thing then change thier mind. Here is a great example of one of Idaho's congressmen doing just that. H.R. 3074 passed earlier this year, but Congressman Sali voted against it. That bill included funding for widening of State Highway 95. Well, since the bill passed and has become law Congressman Sali has taken credit for the bill. To quote Betsy Russell, (Source)

"Idaho 1st District Congressman Bill Sali is touting his success in getting $500,000 in funding for a Highway 95 widening project included in a bill that he then voted against. “U.S. 95 has an unmistakable and irreplaceable role to play as part of Idaho’s economy,” Sali said in a press release. “This widening is important to the economic vitality of the entire state, but it is also important as it will help prevent accidents and save lives. While this may seem like a win for a freshman congressman in the minority party, much more importantly this is a win for the people of the whole state of Idaho.”

So if Sali was so proud of the measure, why did he vote against the bill? “The larger bill, H.R. 3074, passed 270-147,” Sali’s press release reported. “Congressman Sali voted against the overall measure because it contains a series of other unnecessary, bloated spending proposals and would hike overall spending by $7.1 billion more than current funding and $5.3 billion more than the President has requested.” He also noted that it included another of his funding proposals, for $500,000 in improvements to Forest Highway 24 from Banks to Lowman, and that senior Sen. Larry Craig helped get both earmarks included."

You can bet that Congressman Sali will bring this up as he begins his re-election bid. I hope that Matt Salisbury sees what has happened and holds Sali accountable, as we all should.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Any video game buffs out there?

When I was growing up my parents would not buy my brother and I a video game system, the Nintendo (NES) was THE system to have. So they made a deal with us, we could save up and get one with the money we made from lawn mowing and then they would help us get a game. So that is how my video gaming experience began. I am by no means a "gamer". There have been, though a few games that I get into that I like to play until I conquer it (Castlevania II Simon's Quest being one of them). Currently the game that I am liking to play is "Guitar Hero III" we borrowed it from my brother Clark (not the one I mowed lawns with), he has a Wii and bought it, so we borrowed the game. Well, I saw this video and had to share it. Listen to the songs from classic video games and watch the band move to represent the game.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rivalry (?) Week.

This week Boise State plays in-state rival (?) University of Idaho. This is so much of a rivalry and UofI has so much faith that this is the coverage that it gets in the university of Idaho student paper is less than minimal. (See below)

I guess that they are afraid of drawing attention to themselves in light of an alumnus having so many problems as of late. (see below)

Finally, I saw this post on Bronco Country and there was ever a reason to root against the vandals and for the Broncos these are the reasons...
(Source: OldBSUBlue,

It started before the first game was ever played,

The vandals kept Boise out of the Big Sky.

When we were finaly admitted to the Big Sky, their then coach Robbins shot off his big mouth. Saying we might have a new stadium and now are members of the Big Sky but that they didnt have time for Boise State. He went on to say we didnt belong.

They tried to duck us, the Big Sky Commisioner made them play us the season opener. Since they were building their stadium and it was not available for play the first game was played here, with the vandals being called the home team.

Prior to the game their coach kept saying it would not be much of a game, that we couldnt hang with them. He went on to say the first half would be more like a scrimmage for them, the second half being a total blow out.

Making things worse was the attitude of their fans and cheerleaders. They came in filled with arrogance and total disrespect, Cutting down the American flag, throwing bottles at people, thus the no bottle rule in Bronco Stadium.

Celebrations for the initial meeting included 4 sky divers jumping into Bronco Stadium. Wally Benton's chute collapsed about 20 feet above the turf. vandals still deny this, but what else is new, they the vandal fans applauded Wally Benton's crash into the field. There are still many people still around that witnessed this appaling vandal conduct.

One of the Boise players told me the next day you could see flesh, bone and blood from where Wally crashed into the field.

Boise defeated the vandals 42 - 14 with Art Berry , back up QB to The Canadain Rifle Eric Guthrie, tossing the final td pass. Something Art is proud of to this day.

Boise State went on to place 2nd in the Big Sky that first season, with conference losses only to Weber Stat and Idaho State.

The vandals were were d1 while we were division 2. Boise was invited to play in the Camelia Bowl. The u of i's coach started a public campaign attemtpting to stop us from going. Claiming Boise would disgrace the State of Idaho and the Big Sky Conference. He was nonstop verbal flatulence on tv , radio and in print.

For 3 quarters he was correct. We were being beaten badly. finaly the true Broncos showed up giving Boise State its greatest come back in its greatest game till the Fiesta Bowl.

The third game was played in moscow, the series was tied at one win each.

idaho was favored to win that game, even the Bronco players thought they would lose according to my friends on that team.

Their coach robbins in a typical classless and stupid act turned the game around prior to kick off.

He led the vandals through the Boise State locker room chanting kiss my ass BJC.

Al Davis one of our real stallions told me that changed the game, right then and there. Boise decided they would win. He went on to tell me how he put his forearm into the mouth of a vandal, saying f-ck you, welcome to football, leaving the dork bleeding and battered. You had to know Big Al, he eventualy put the dork across the line from him out of the game.

Late in the game our star wide out Don Hutt sustained an injury from his own chin strap hitting him in the eye.

Don told me he kept his helmet on for saftey, vandal fans were throwing bottles one hitting him in the head, another barely missing our coach, Tony Knapp.

The list goes on and on to our wrestling coach Mike Young changing into the Buster Bronco suit to take on the vandal mascott that had been using his sword to hit the young lady wearing the Buster Bronco suit.

The vandals getting Dr. Kaiser fired for working to taking Boise to D-1A.

Then there was Pokey's last game everyone knew the man was dying. chris tormey said that he was going to run up the score on Boise. to punish Boise for an onsides kick done by Criner in the 70s when tormey was a player.

tormey did what he said he would, including a fake punt when there was no doubt they would win. After the games conclusion several vandal players came over to the Boise sideline and taunted Pokey a man they knew was dying. I think he died with in 90 days of the game.

Later that night some of the vandal players and assistant coaches were arrested for starting fights and tormey supported their actions.

I hope this answers your question as to why hate the vandals, they are the satan worshiping cheat monkeys Zag claims them to be and worse.

The u of i and most of its fan base are filled with the cancers of resentment and jealousy, little brother grew up and kicked their butts, making their false sense of entitlement look as stupid as their slogans and kibbie dome

Friday, November 02, 2007


There has been much talk of late about "waterboarding". Waterboarding is a torture technique used to get someone to tell you something you want to hear. I am an older brother, I remember doing things to my younger brothers to coerce them into doing or saying something that I wanted. It did not usually turn out well. I would not anyone to be subjected to this tactic and to think that the leader of the Free World wants people (terrorists) to think that this is a tactic that the United States would use is crazy. Would a parent own a gun and then continually threaten a child with using it on that child if they did not cooperate? (Even though they would say that they never would use it).The Deseret Morning News printed an editorial today about that topic.

Torture by any other name

Deseret Morning News editorial
Published: November 2, 2007
If you believe that waterboarding is not a form of torture, you likely believe — with Bill Clinton — that sexual relations are not really sexual relations and, with Ronald Reagan, that ketchup is a vegetable.

Governments and politicians have a way of twisting simple truths into pretzels.

So it is with waterboarding.

The technique, condemned in the past by the United States when it has been used against American citizens, entails strapping a person onto an inclined board, with feet raised and head lowered. The interrogators bind the person's arms and legs, cover his face and pour water onto the face. The sensation of being under a wave of water creates such psychological trauma that the person feels like he's drowning. The person chokes and gags and sobs.

The practice, which was used by the Inquisition in Spain and in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s, speaks for itself. Enemy combatants don't want to share information, so they get waterboarded. Later, rather than face more waterboarding, they tell their captors what they want to know.

This is not a form of "friendly persuasion." All you have to do is connect the dots: waterboarding is a form of psychological torture. Torture is a form of terror. Americans who use waterboarding terrorize others.

In 1947, a Japanese soldier who used waterboarding on a U.S. citizen was sentenced to 15 years in prison for committing a war crime. Members of the CIA who have undergone the torture as part of their training last an average of 14 seconds before begging to be released. Sen. John McCain, who was tortured as a prisoner of war, claims waterboarding is definitely a form of torture. All human rights groups agree.

As do we.

Getting information from enemy combatants is vital.

Getting it through waterboarding undermines the entire enterprise of bringing justice and decency to people of the world who lack the resources and clout to demand such things for themselves. Waterboarding, as a means, simply contaminates the end result.