Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Reunions... Plural!

The summer of 2012 had attending two different family reunions. At the end of June we attended the Peterson Family Reunion at Anderson Camp in Twin Falls, ID. It was fun we tented it. The kids had a great time swimming and swimming. Gabe, Selah, and Reece also played miniature golf with Uncle Clark. We went to lunch one day at Idaho Pizza Company. Everyone had a good time trying the different pizza types on their buffet. Ali and Reece liked posing by the carved bear that they had in the dining room.

The second week of August we attended the annual Marshall Family Reunion in Pocatello, ID. It was fun. Instead of staying with Uncle Bob we stayed in a hotel with a pool. Yep, the kids got to swim again! They had a great time. Not sure that Grandpa Marshall had as much fun as they did, but it was good. The kids loved the "free" breakfast in the morning where they could make their own waffles and try lots of stuff. Too bad they didn't finish what they tried.

While in Pocatello we went to the Idaho Museum of Natural History  the kids liked seeing the exhibits and the hands-on activities. It was also nice that on a Friday we had the place to ourselves!

Reece had some fun when we went bowling with the Marshalls on Friday night. He spent his $1 in the "Claw" game where you try to grab a toy. We counseled him against it, but he insisted. He won! How can we teach him that it is a rip-off when he wins. Reece got himself a nice "Fruit Ninja" Watermelon.

On the drive home Saturday night Ali hurt her toe coming out of the store with Selah. Here is Ali talking to Grandpa Marshall about her hurt toe.

Fun Family Vacation