Monday, February 28, 2011

One month... I know I updated!!!!!

I can't go a month and not post. Much of the sharing and overexposing tendencies that I have I get out on twitter and facebook now. But this blog is not dead. I am just more deliberate with what I choose to share here.

We went to South Jordan, UT and visited by brother-in-law and his family. It was fun. Great weather driving there and back. While we were there it rained and snowed. But we had some In-N-Out, Firehouse Subs, and Albertos! The kids also had fun playing the Wii.

Gabe played basketball from the beginning of January through February and just finished this past Saturday. He really enjoyed it and improved every week.

So I have used my EVO since August. I like it. It is no iPhone. The iPhone just works. The battery lasts. Those things aside. It's fun. More fun since I rooted and have installed various ROMs. Right now I am using a nightly build of CyanogenMod 7. I like it. I zips along, when the stock EVO kind of dragged at times. Now I am interested to see how the stock EVO software will work if HTC and Sprint ever upgrade it to the current Android 2.3/2.4. That should make it snappy. Not sure I'll switch back, but we'll see.