Friday, September 30, 2011

McCall in Summer...

At the end of summer I was able to go to McCall, ID for work. We opened a location there and I went to provide training to our members. As I was leaving I turned around and snapped this photo from the sidewalk.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


fall. No I didn't fall. That was a couple years ago off a ladder at a church orchard. But that is another story for another time. Now is the time to think about fall. I was in school for many years. Elementary school, Junior high, High school, enough college for three degrees. Plus fourteen years of marriage. Every year when fall rolls around I get nostalgic.

I remember what it was like to lay my clothes out on the floor the night before the first day of school. The excitement I felt waiting for the bus to take me back to Centennial Elementary and the friends that I had not seen all summer.

I remember what it was like preparing for that first football game of the season. I was in the marching band, so we had a lot to learn: formations, timing and of course music before that first home game. I remember looking forward to hanging out with my friends after the games. Picking up a pizza and congregating at someones house until we thought of a video to watch or "something else" to do.

I remember the first time on my own in an apartment in Rexburg. With five other freshmen, loving our new-found family-less freedom. Freedom to not have chores on the weekend (like stacking wood, mowing lawns, or cleaning up the garden spot). Freedom to turn on football all day Saturday and again on Sunday.

I remember coming home before Tammy to the little green house and raking the leaves. (It seemed to be a multi-week process) Opening the window and letting that crisp, autumn breeze cool the house. I remember friends coming over and playing games until all hours of the night.

I remember taking an eight year-old boy to a college football game where we were soaked due to all the rain. And having to explain to his younger sister that she did not want to get wet like we had just done.

I can close my eyes and I'm there. I can't wait for my kids to have those memories too.