Wednesday, November 23, 2005 be Thankful.

To be Thankful… What does it mean to be thankful? For me looking at all of the blessings that I have in my life and how I am undeserving of them. I have a wonderful wife who loves and supports me. She does a wonderful job raising our kids and she teaches them so much. She is my biggest fan and gives eerily accurate criticism. She is so beautiful and talented. I truly “married up”. She is my partner and friend. I have three great children that I love to play with. I can’t think of a better feeling then returning home after work and seeing them run out the front door to meet me as I pull into the driveway. They always have so many things to say and questions to ask and I am their expert. I am thankful for the chances that I get to steal away with each child and spend alone time with them. Last Sunday my oldest son and I climbed under a blanket and watched a movie while the rest of the family enjoyed a Sunday nap. Then after our daughter woke up, she, my son and I worked on cleaning up the house and we wrestled a bit (more like they climb on me and I let them). I treasure this time with them while they are small. I know it won’t last. I have a wonderful life and a beautiful family. I am extremely blessed.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Red October and Boise beats DAV

Last weekend I had two things that brought a rush of memories back. The first was watching a movie that I had not seen for years, “The Hunt for Red October”. The Tom Clancy book turned action/adventure movie with Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. This was a movie I saw in high school with some friends. It was the first time my parents let me see a movie on a school night. I know this isn’t a big deal to many, but for me it was a sign that my parents were conceding to the fact that I was becoming an adult. I went with Erick and Dylan to the 9pm showing and we were about the only people in the theater. Also, it is a good movie. It was the first in the Tom Clancy books made into movies with the “Jack Ryan” character and takes place before the Gorbachev era. It was good to see it again.

Last Saturday was the Boise State vs. Idaho football game. The series was 17-16-1 with Idaho having the 1 game advantage in the series. After the game the series is all tied up (17-17-1). Boise State obliterated the Idaho Vandals 70-35. As a life-long Bronco fan this game has always meant a lot to me. I remember driving to Moscow with my dad and brother and our friends for a game and all the games on the blue and Bronco Stadium. Even though the past six years Boise State has dominated the series in the recent past and scored 308 points to the 110 by U of I, I remember the 12 years straight that Idaho beat Boise State. So each time the teams meet there is apprehension on my part. Boise State did not pull ahead significantly until the second half; it was a well fought battle. An interesting side note I realized after the game, Boise State started six Idahoans U of I only three. Boise State goes against LA Tech for their final game of the season this weekend (Idaho Statesman).

So it was a weekend of memories and great football. GO BRONCOS!!!
You can find the meaning of DAV here and the significance

Monday, November 07, 2005


This past weekend was a lot of fun two things happened, tailgated and went to the Boise State football game and my brother blessed his baby in church.
Fun times. My brother Cort and I arrived at the location at about 8:00 AM (the game started at 1:00 PM) and it was 36°. We set up a canopy spaced out some chairs along the parking area and awaited the arrival of the others. We decided to set up camp in a park across the river from Bronco Stadium. We sat and drank hot cocoa to keep warm and read up on the WAC conference match-up we were preparing to attend. When my Dad arrived he brought a “soot bucket” that we used to put start a fire in to keep warm. Then about 10:00 AM our wives arrived with some of the food and munchies. By 11:00 AM we had about 20 people, a TV, a radio, a generator, a fire pit, and two kinds of soup (made by our lovely wives), sandwiches, chips, and cookies. We ate and conversed then about 12:30 PM we headed over to the stadium. It was a fun game (56-6) another victory for the Broncos on the blue turf. We have decided that we will have to do it again next season.
Mucha Familia! Cort blessed his son on Sunday at church. In the LDS church a blessing is similar to a christening, but not a baptism. The LDS don’t baptize children until they are eight years old (Moroni 8:12 “little children are alive in Christ” until the age of eight they are not subject to the same accountability.)There was a lot of family there from our side at church there was about 18 people and from his wife’s side about 30 people. We had an aunt (our mom’s sister) come up from Orem, UT with her son. Afterward we went to our dad’s house for a luncheon. It was a lot of fun, we sat and talked and everyone took turns holding his baby and holding my son. Kids are great. Families can make a self-centered life turn inside out to one centered in service and love.