Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boise State Football...The season begins

In honor of the Boise State Football Season opener this week I wanted to share a picture. This is a mash up from the "Blue and Orange Out" Last Season. Selah and Brady Lee are from at trip to the local TV station.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sentor Craig Puts Idaho in the News...again

Thank goodness for Boise State Football, without it Idaho wouldn't get any good press. We have fires that are threatening some of the most expensive residences in the west and now our Sr. Senator decides to play footsie with an undercover police officer. There are many stories out there today about Senator Craig and people are innocent until they are proved guilty, but what if they plead guilty? Even if he is not guilty and only plead guilty to get the incident behind him, then isn't he guilty of lying?
Here are some reporters from Sacramento re-creating then incident.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cort is in the blogosphere...

Cort and Emily have entered the blogosphere. They started a family blog You should take a look at it to find out all there is to know about Cort and his family.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tammy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Tammy!!!!

My sweetheart had a birthday today. She turns **. She is a little nervous about it. Sometimes she thinks that there is more she wishes she could have accomplished. I try to remind her of all she HAS accomplished. She is a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. She is compassionate and kind. She always makes sure that those around her have their needs met. She is such an inspiration to me, she does so much for our kids and she puts up with so much from me.
Happy Birthday Honey!!!
I love you!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Calling

I received a new calling in church this week; Elders Quorum President. I have to admit that I am a more than a little nervous. Previously I was the first counselor, where I was able to help the elders quorum president to serve in many capacities. But now the responsibility is on me. I am nervous and excited all at once. I know that “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies” but I am still nervous. I want to make sure that I am meeting the needs of all the quorum members. So if anyone out there reads this...I would love any advice.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Cort!!!

Today is by brother birthday. Cort is 31. Thirty-one years ago I went from being an only child to an older brother. It has been great (for the most part). Cort is a great brother. He loves to help whenever he can and really focuses on his family. He is a great father and husband. Cort and I shared a room until 1987, then we shared the upstairs. I remember after returning from my mission and Cort was on his in the Philippines, that is was hard to sleep upstairs alone.
So Happy Birthday Cort Peterson!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

iTunes Web Widget

Apple released a new feature for iTunes called my iTunes. It lets you show what you've purchased on iTunes. I thought I would give it a try. Look down on the bottom right of the page.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ten Years...

Ten Years.
Chris and Tammy have been married ten years today. Ten years ago Chris stumbled down the hall at his mothers house and was easily startled as she came around the corner. Tammy and her parents and brother prepared for the day in the apartment on Juniper that Chris and Tammy would soon call their first home together. Ten years ago there was no house, no minivan; just Chris and Tammy.
!!!Chris Loves Tammy!!!

Christmas 2006

January 1997

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pay to Play...the update

I submitted "Pay to Play" to the Idaho Press-Tribune and I was selected as the Guest Opinion Silver Quill Winner. The Silver Quill is awarded to the letter of the week. "This week's Silver Quill award goes to Chris Peterson of Nampa. Weekly Silver Quill winners will be honored in early 2008." Here is a link to the article that was printed on Sunday August 5, 2007.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pay to Play

In life you have to "pay to play". If you don't agree just ask high school student athletes or musicians. Many of them are required to pay certain fees if they want to participate in their sport and musicians are required to have their own instrument to be in the band. This is a concept lost on many people. If you want things to work and to continue to work you have to support them for those things to continue to work. Many things that we use in our lives we pay to use, just like the student athletes and musicians. If you go to a state or national park you pay an entrance fee, that fee supports the park. Then those who use the service pay for using that service. What about things that everyone uses, like roads or sewer or other infrastructure? So if we want things to last, like roads, bridges and other infrastructure, we need to pay for the upkeep. In the recent past there have been two examples of public infrastructure failing due to lack of upkeep and support. First the explosion of a steam pipe in downtown Manhattan. This was an aged pipe and had been inspected and was thought to have been in good condition, obviously not. Recently in Minnesota a bridge collapsed. This bridge is the busiest bridge in the state of Minnesota. It had been inspected many times and was found to be deficient. In 1993 the state of Minnesota increased the frequency of inspections to annually from every other year because of concern. In 2005 the bridge was rated 50 out of 100 by the Federal government for structural stability. This was a tragic disaster that could have been avoided if proper precautions and repairs would have been made. When the state decided to inspect annually, this was decided on instead of repairing the problems, due to the cost. What cost has been paid? You have to "pay to play". I know that it is not fashionable politically to talk about spending tax money, but had that money been spent instead of an "arms length" inspection then the bridge that spanned the Mississippi River might still be standing. How does this effect Idaho? Our elected officials need to have the political wherewith all to make the hard decisions and spend the money that we pay to fix and support the infrastructure that we need to live. Are we going to wait until a bridge spanning the Snake River collapses before highway funds are allocated? Better to prepare then to react to a disaster. "An ounce of prevention is worth a Pound of cure", that means pay to play now or pay a higher cost later.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Football Season...(Almost)

Here we are August 1, 2007. August 30, 2007 the magic begins, all over again. Boise State vs. Weber State. But before that another look at a great season that culminated with a great victory in the Fiesta Bowl. On August 28, 2007 there will be a documentary, "Out of the Blue" directed by Michael Hoffman. Hoffman is from the Treasure Valley , he graduated from Payette High School (the same school my mom graduated from, so we're like brothers). Here is the IMDB entry about it. From the preview it looks pretty good. You be the judge.